Living the Dream

When people say the expression “Living the Dream”, what comes to mind?  I’ll be frank with you here, I never really knew what it meant. Usually when someone says to me they are “Living the Dream” I smile and nod politely, completely lost to what they are on about. Can things really be that perfect? Can a person really reach a point in their life where they are happy content with what they have achieved and have reached the peak of  all their wants and goals?

After much thought and deliberation, over fine details and this and that. One name sticks out in my mind more than anyone else; Steven Gerrard.

Whenever it was out in the park between two jumpers or two bins on a crowded housing terrace, we all imagined in our heads we where playing in the Champions League final, making a vicious comeback; trying to claw ourselves back into the game and hopefully beat our friends to the much coveted trophy. Has anyone ever done it though? Broke through from the terraces to the tunnel? Gone from finding the ball under the car to finding the best place to stick a penalty in Old Trafford?

Steven Gerrard was born on May 30th 1980 in Whiston Merseyside in England, where he grew up on the cobbled streets of Liverpool supporting his local football club through thick and thin. As a boy, he lived and breathed for football; getting up each morning to play out on the streets between the cars imaging he was one his heroes; Kenny Dalglish, Graeme Souness or local lad Phil Thomson. At nine years old he began playing for Liverpool Youth’s; a feat which many young men across Liverpool did; but so few made. After bouncing around from trial to trial across England, he eventually signed his first senior contract with the Reds on the 5th of November 1997.

Throughout his career; spanning 706 games for the Reds across the Premier League, Champions League, UEFA Cup. Europa League, FA Cup and the League Cup; it is a safe bet to say Steven Gerrard lived the dream. He captained the side through thick and thin, from the Miracle of Istanbul, to the Gerrard Cup Final in 2006… and unfortunately, the infamous “slip” …

But, in fact forever, title or no title, Steven Gerrard still won where we all lost out He’s a man who led his boyhood club, from FA Cup matches away to Mansfield to away to the greatest stage of all in the Ataturk Stadium. So if you ask me, honestly and truly; Steven Gerrard has lived the Liverpool dream.




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